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You may find formatting or translation errors as you're browsing through our content here on the site--that's okay! You can fix them yourself, or just help out by informing us of where the problems are. (You'll need to have an account first, though.)

To report an error, add one of the the following templates to the problem page, along with a brief comment. That will create an alert for us that we need to have someone check and fix the page.

Formatting errors

For example, to report a formatting problem related to paragraph breaks, you could leave the following code at the very top of a page:

{{NeedsCleanup|This page is missing paragraph breaks}}

That would appear like this on the page:

  A broom This page has been flagged for poor formatting for these reasons:
This page is missing paragraph breaks
Please consider helping by editing the page to meet our formatting standards. If you make the corrections needed, please remove this template from the page.

Translation errors

The process is similar for translation errors, for instance with the title:

{{CheckTranslation|The title of this article is not translated correctly.}}

That code would produce this result:

  A question mark

This translation is flagged for review for these reasons:

The title of this article is not translated correctly.

Please consider helping by reviewing the translation quality and posting any suggestions you have on the discussion page.

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