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Master Glossary

This is the glossary for standardizing the words used for key theological terms.

To suggest a change, put it in parentheses followed by a question mark next to the current term: (new term?). To suggest an addition, post it in the table at the bottom of this page.

English Term Translation
atonement penebusan
believer orang percaya
expiation ekspiasi
Gentiles non-Yahudi? (bukan-Yahudi)
godliness kesalehan
gospel Injil
imputation imputasi? (tuduhan)
justification pembenaran
legalistic legalistik
plant churches merintis gereja-gereja? (tanam gereja-gereja)
predestination predestinasi
propitiation propisiasi?
ransomed ditebus
reaching out menjangkau
sanctification pengudusan
self-righteous n/a? (bermegah diri)
substitution substitusi? (penggantian)
repentance pertobatan
wrath murka

Suggested Additions

If you would like to add a term to the master glossary, suggest it in the table below for others to evaluate.

English Term Translation Suggested By
n/a n/a your name
covenant perjanjian (kovenan?) muliaj
grace kasih karunia (anugerah?) muliaj
blessing berkat muliaj
gospel injil muliaj
glorification Penyempurnaan Godlief Wesley
foreknowledge Pemahaman akan hal/peristiwa mendatang (pra pengetahuan?) Godlief Wesley
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