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Master Glossary

This is the glossary for standardizing the words used for key theological terms.

To suggest a change, put it in parentheses followed by a question mark next to the current term: (new term?). To suggest an addition, post it in the table at the bottom of this page.

English Term Translation
atonement (expiação?)
believer (crente?)
expiation (expiação?)
Gentiles (gentios?)
godliness (santidade?)
gospel (evangelho?)
imputation n/a
justification n/a
legalistic n/a
plant churches n/a
pray orar
predestination (predestinação?)
propitiation n/a
ransomed n/a
reaching out n/a
sanctification n/a
self-righteous n/a
substitution n/a
repentance n/a
wrath (ira?)

Suggested Additions

If you would like to add a term to the master glossary, suggest it in the table below for others to evaluate.

English Term Translation Suggested By
Imputation Imputação Isaías Lobão
Justification Justificação Isaías Lobão
Legalistic Legalista Isaías Lobão
Plant churches Plantar Igrejas Isaías Lobão
Pray Orar Isaías Lobão
Propitiation Propiciação Isaías Lobão
Ransomed Resgatado Isaías Lobão
Reaching out Alcançando Isaías Lobão
Sanctification Santificação Isaías Lobão
Self-righteous Hipócrita Isaías Lobão
Substitution Substituição Isaías Lobão
Repentance Arrependimento Isaías Lobão
Wrath Ira Isaías Lobão
Prayerful Reverente Isaías Lobão
n/a n/a n/a

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