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All articles are marked as having one of three statuses:

We do this to make it clear what content is fully trustworthy and no longer needing revision, and what articles may still need some work. This lets readers know what to trust, and allows translators to participate more when they see the need for reviews on certain articles.


Not Reviewed

This is the default status for any translation once it is initially completed. We've found in our first year that most of translations are in very good shape for the first draft, but it is still helpful to mark things this way in the rare event that it does contain serious errors.

Peer Reviewed

This designation means that another translator from the community has compared the translated text to the original, checking for both theological accuracy and linguistic quality, and has found the draft to be in good form.

When a translator undertakes a peer review, they are encouraged to suggest changes to the original translator, and implement any changes that the two agree on. If the original translator is not available however, the reviewer is free to make the changes he or she thinks are necessary. The old version is automatically saved, so there is no risk of deleting anything permanently.

Final Version

An article can only have this status under two conditions.

  1. The translation is donated to us by another organization, who would have taken care of their own quality control internally
  2. The translation has been reviewed by one of Gospel Translations' official reviewers. These are individuals who we know well, have contributed often at a high quality level, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the theology behind our articles.

Once an article is in Final Version, it cannot undergo further changes without administrative approval from Gospel Translations and the official reviewer. So if a translator notices a problem in a Final Version, he or she should use the Contact form to let us know the issues.

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